Eric Mischke

Co-Founder of LineUpr


Success Stories

More Than Just Head-On Presentations – Event Participants Want To Be Integrated

Conference participants today expect more from an event than just head-on presentations. They want to be integrated into the event. Torsten Fiedler explains how this was successfully done at the Dresden Sewage Conference.


LineUpr Tutorial – How to Create Surveys, Questions for Speakers, and Polls in Your App

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create surveys for your event app. Integrate your guests into the event with opinion polls and give them the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers or to get feedback.

Success Stories

Digital Programme for the Dresden Media Festival – Event-App Experiences

Reading time: 6 minutes Today will again be cultural in our blog. With Kirsten Mascher, we host the project manager of German Multimedia Award and organizer of the media festival. With an average of 3,500 visitors and more than 45 interactive stations, the media festival is one of the most interesting events in Germany. Kirsten, […]

Success Stories

Digital Schedule and Mobile Communications – Experiences of the Leapin Lindy Festival

How does the Leapin Lindy Festival from Bern use the LineUpr app to digitalize its workshop plan and to make communication with the participants more mobile? Dirk Weiler will tell us.


LineUpr Tutorial – How to Personalise Your App Home Screen and Use the Language Style of your Attendees

In this tutorial, we will show you how to customize your event app entirely to the needs of your participants. Use the language style and labels of your audience and tailor the app menu according to these preferences.

Success Stories

Event App Instead of Printed Seminar Materials – Experience of the Swiss Shippers’ Council

An event app for the digital distribution of seminar documents and communication. Philipp Muster from the Swiss Shippers' Council shows us how this leads to added value and enthusiasm among the seminar participants.

Success Stories

Added Value of an Event App for Internal Sales Conferences

How does the Gödde GmbH use event apps for their external sale conferences? How do they use the benefits of digitalisation? These two questions and many more are answered by Sabrina Fragoulis.

How to

Working with a tight budget – Free Tools for BarCamps

We love BarCamps! Therefore, we are always happy to support such an event. We think that such a young and innovative event format deserves all the help it can get. We are often asked if there are any other good, and most importantly, free tools that are suitable for hosting BarCamps. In addition, we have been to some Barcamps and want to show you what the organisers use there.


LineUpr Tutorial – How to Create Event-Apps in Your Corporate Design + the General Settings Explained

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to design your app to fit your corporate design and integrate a teaser picture. It's also about how to connect the app to your Analytics account and customize the event URL.

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