Eric Mischke

Co-Founder of LineUpr


Success Stories

Event Apps for Conferences – Experiences of SVG Bundes-Zentralgenossenschaft Straßenverkehr eG

In this article, Marcel Frings of the SVGen tells you how they digitalized their events and to which piece an event app can contribute to.

How to

How E-mail Marketing Helps with the Preparation and Follow-up of Events

Event communication is one of the most important success factors of events. An e-mail marketing software is a perfect addition for this. Here, we show you how.

Success Stories

Event Apps for Scientific Conferences – Experiences of the General Online Research Conference

Birgit Bujard explains how scientific conferences and meetings can optimize their communication through the use of an event app.

Success Stories

Event-Apps for Student Conferences – The European Ivy League

Hendrik from the European Ivy League tells us what added value an event app brings to you and how you could improve your event implementation.

Success Stories

Event Apps for TEDx Events – More Efficient Event Communication at the TEDxUniHalle

Sandra Bier from TEDxUniHalle explains how an event app improves event communication and how TEDx events in general benefit from event apps.

Success Stories

Event Apps for Scientific Conferences – The International Bioeconomy Conference

Anne from the International Bioeconomy Conference will tell you about the conference's first event app and the obstacles it faced.

Success Stories

Event Apps for Banking Events – The BANKINGCLUB Conferences

Frank Rathner from the BANKINGCLUB tells us how event apps have drastically simplified their event preparation, allowing them to collect direct guest feedback.

Success Stories

Direct Contact to Your Event Participants through an Event App – The Email Practice Day by mailingwork

As an expert in e-mails, Diana Falke from mailingwork shows you how she successfully used LineUpr in her e-mail address and at the E-Mail Practice Day.


How to Successfully Use Q&A Sessions for Your Event – 8 Tips from LineUpr

We'll show you how to conduct successful Q&A sessions with LineUpr and impress your event participants. Bonus: 8 tips for better Q&A sessions.

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