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The 4 Stages for Successful Event App Marketing

The use of an event app is crucial to its success. But the participants must first know about the app. Using this concept for the marketing of event apps, you can create the ideal conditions for success.


LineUpr Tutorial: Incognito Mode – How it Affects the Usability of LineUpr Apps

We'll show you what the private browsing mode in the mobile browser is all about and give you step-by-step instructions on how to turn it on and off. Eliminate the # 1 error while using LineUpr!


LineUpr Tutorial: Checking Your Browser for Cookie Settings

We'll show you step by step how to check different mobile browsers for cookies and why you need them for LineUpr. You'll also find out exactly what they do.


Event App Creation – Just 30 Minutes to Create Your Digital Event Booklet

We'll show you how to create your own custom event app for your event in just 9 steps and 30 minutes with LineUpr.


Offer Your Sponsors Measurable Reach

We will show you step by step how to evaluate the usage statistics for subpages of your event app, what information you can get and why your sponsors will appreciate it.

How to

How to Optimize the Reach of your Event App

This article will deal with concrete ways and means of marketing, independent of an exact timetable. The goal should be for you, as the organizer, to achieve the highest possible usage rate.

How to

Working with a tight budget – Free Tools for BarCamps

We love BarCamps! Therefore, we are always happy to support such an event. We think that such a young and innovative event format deserves all the help it can get. We are often asked if there are any other good, and most importantly, free tools that are suitable for hosting BarCamps. In addition, we have been to some Barcamps and want to show you what the organisers use there.

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