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10 Exciting Tech Tools for More Interaction at Your Events

Today, we'll introduce you to 10 exciting tech ideas that will help you to increase your participants' interaction and enhance networking at your event.


LineUpr Tutorial – How to Create About Pages for Your Event App and Determine the Visibility of Content

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create about pages and passwords for your app. Protect your content and limit its usage with passwords. Use info pages to display unique information on an single individual page.

Success Stories

Easy to Use Event-App to Deliver Your Content Directly to Your Attendees – Experiences of the PyCon

Experiences from 2 years of event app use at the PyCon. Event apps are well received and most participants would like to see a reduction in printed materials.


LineUpr Tutorial – How to Create Post-Messages in Your App and Change or Delete Categories

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create post messages for your app. Communicate spontaneous changes to the agenda or present your sponsors. We also show you how to create and change categories globally.

Success Stories

How the University Barcamp Delights its Participants With an Event App

An Event app saves you time and offers your attendees a high-quality event experience at the same time. Holger Gottesmann, one of the organizers of the university bar camp, explains how this works.


LineUpr Tutorial – How to Create Appealing Sponsor Profiles

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create and interactively communicate profiles for sponsors in your event app. Increase your sponsor revenue by increasing their reach.

How to

Let Your Sponsors Pay for Your Event App!

Where are your attendees looking for information within your event app? How can you use that knowledge to better market your sponsors? And why are web apps the best idea for that? All this is covered in this article.


LineUpr Tutorial – How to Create a Digital Schedule for Your Event

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create items for your schedule and how to present your event agenda interactively in your app. Connect speakers, locations, and rooms. Integrate contact information and use images.

Success Stories

Live Communication and Participant Feedback – Experiences of the Wilken Software Group

Digitalization leads to a better connection between tools, saves resources and delivers superior data. This leads to simpler processes for both organizers and participants. Experiences of Steve Hopf and the Wilken Software Group using an event app.

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