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How to

Event-Livestreaming – The 5 Top Providers 2020

Livestreaming offers broadcasters gigantic opportunities to increase their own reach and to tap additional monetization potential. We introduce you to the 5 top providers.

How to

Push Notifications or In-App Notifications – With Which one can You Reach Your Guests More Successfully

Are all push notifications really read? Are they better than in-app messages? Our experience shows that in-app messages are better than their reputation says and are more successful in the long term than the push alternative.

How to

The 4 Stages for Successful Event App Marketing

The use of an event app is crucial to its success. But the participants must first know about the app. Using this concept for the marketing of event apps, you can create the ideal conditions for success.

How to

How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Events and Attract New Visitors

LinkedIn is perfect for organizers. We will show you 6 ways to publish your event content via LinkedIn. Bonus: 8 strategies for even more reach.

How to

Live Surveys and Q&As at Events – Best Practices by LineUpr

We'll explain how to successfully integrate live polls, feedback surveys, and question and answer functions into your event.

How to

Why Organizers Should Digitalize Their Events – 6 Arguments

More and more events use digital tools. And that's good so. We'll show you with 6 examples how you will benefit from it.

How to

How to Create the Perfect Sponsorship Model for Your Event (and Integrate your Event App)

We will explain to you how to create the perfect sponsorship model for your event. By the way, it's also about how you integrate an event app.

How to

How to Increase the Interaction at Your Event with Live Polls

Live surveys are perfect for increasing the interaction at your event. Here, we have 5 ideas for the maximum success of live surveys for you.

How to

How E-mail Marketing Helps with the Preparation and Follow-up of Events

Event communication is one of the most important success factors of events. An e-mail marketing software is a perfect addition for this. Here, we show you how.

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