Eric Mischke

Co-Founder of LineUpr


Success Stories

Event Apps for Scouts – The Perfect Team of Digital Programme and Printed Map

Lucius from PFF18 EXPLORE presents his event and explains how scouting events can benefit from using an event app.

Success Stories

How Small Conferences Benefit from the Use of an Event App – Experiences of the DGUV

Gabriele Hoyer from the German Statutory Accident Insurance shows us how small congresses and Conferences can benefit from the use of an event app.

Success Stories

Event Apps for Information Events – Example: Bachelor Theses Day at the ZHAW

Philipp and Nina from the Health Department of the ZHAW explain how an event app can optimize the organization and course of the day of the bachelor thesis.

Success Stories

Event Apps for University Open Days – Simplified Event Processes at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Lisa Schmidt from student marketing at TU Freiberg explains how event apps bundle and simplify various event tasks.


How to Create an Individual Agenda with LineUpr

We will explain to you how your participants can create an individual agenda with LineUpr and how you can use this information to your benefit.

Success Stories

Event Apps for the City Marketing – Example Dresden City Marketing

Jörg Märzdorf from the Dresden Marketing tells you how he uses event apps for the city marketing and why this should be a must for city marketing companies

Success Stories

Save work and quickly share changes – the first event app of the University of the Savings Banks Finance Group

Learn in this interview how Stefanie of the University of the Savings Banks Finance Group created and used her first event app with LineUpr. You haven’t created a LineUpr app as yet? Then get interesting insights and learn about the benefits!


Tutorial: How to Create an Attendee Registration Form in LineUpr

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create the participant registration in LineUpr that will allow your participants to sign up for the event.

Success Stories

Event Apps for Theatre Events- Experiences of the Platform shift+

In this article, Dirk Neldner from Platform shift+ shows us how he consistently accompanies the digitalization of theatre events with an event app for the communication of guests.

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