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Success Stories

App Rounds off Successful Summer Marketing Event – An Interview with Nicole Schiertz from the Marketing Club Dresden

Nicole Schiertz talks about the summer marketing event of the Marketing Club Dresden and how they used their first event app.

Success Stories

Event Apps for MUN Conferences – The AUCMUN

Tijana (AUCMUN) shows us how they were able to optimize their conference processes with an event app and why every MUN conference can benefit from an event app.

Success Stories

How Innoversität Thrilled Attendees of Corporate Events with an Event App

Innovation through creativity and agile processes. Tobias Theel of Innoversität helps companies every day to implement this. He explains today the role that event apps play here.

Success Stories

Scientific Conferences and Event Apps – A Perfect Fit for GeNeMe (TU Dresden)

Scientific conferences and event apps. How do they fit together? Nicole Filz from TU Dresden shows us how she benefited from an event app in the preparation and implementation of GeNeMe.

Success Stories

More Than Just Head-On Presentations – Event Participants Want To Be Integrated

Conference participants today expect more from an event than just head-on presentations. They want to be integrated into the event. Torsten Fiedler explains how this was successfully done at the Dresden Sewage Conference.

Success Stories

Digital Programme for the Dresden Media Festival – Event-App Experiences

Reading time: 6 minutes Today will again be cultural in our blog. With Kirsten Mascher, we host the project manager of German Multimedia Award and organizer of the media festival. With an average of 3,500 visitors and more than 45 interactive stations, the media festival is one of the most interesting events in Germany. Kirsten, […]

Success Stories

Digital Schedule and Mobile Communications – Experiences of the Leapin Lindy Festival

How does the Leapin Lindy Festival from Bern use the LineUpr app to digitalize its workshop plan and to make communication with the participants more mobile? Dirk Weiler will tell us.

Success Stories

Easy to Use Event-App to Deliver Your Content Directly to Your Attendees – Experiences of the PyCon

Experiences from 2 years of event app use at the PyCon. Event apps are well received and most participants would like to see a reduction in printed materials.

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