Live Communication and Participant Feedback – Experiences of the Wilken Software Group

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Digitalization leads to a better connection between tools, saves resources and delivers superior data. Finally, this Progress leads to improved processes for both organizers and participants. Experiences of Steve Hopf and the Wilken Software Group using an event app.

With Steve Hopf, we invited the person responsible for the events of the Wilken Software Group to our blog. The Wilken Software Group is a family-run software company focusing on the utility industry, health & insurance, social economy, tourism, and trade. In this fields, the group organizes trade fairs, roadshows and industry days. Steve will tell us more about their channels of distribution, the use of paper in a digital world and the benefits of an event app at the „Branchentreffen Versorgungswirtschaft“.

LineUpr: Hello, Steve. Thank you for your time. Please introduce yourself and the Wilken Software Group in your own words.

Steve: The Wilken Software Group is a medium-sized, family-run software company with around 550 employees at 7 locations. We are one of the leading accounting specialists in the sectors of utilities, health & insurance, social economy, tourism, and trade.

Among other things, I am responsible for the events of the entire group. We organize trade fairs, roadshows and industry days.

LineUpr: How much time and effort do you invest on average in planning these events?

Steve: That depends on the event. This can range from one hour to one day.

LineUpr: how do you reach your target group? Do you use specific processes or which channels and tools do you use for the marketing?

Steve: Mainly we communicate via e-mail and landing pages. In exceptional cases, we also use print invitations, but the response process is still digital.

LineUpr: Interesting point. So you also use print products? Which ones and how?

Steve: Yes, we do, but only for special events and product launches. This provides us more options to be perceived by the recipient. We use particular designs, surfaces, and fragrances.

LineUpr: Last year you have used LineUpr for the „Branchentreffen Versorgungswirtschaft“. How did you hear about LineUpr and what was the primary reason to use an event app?

Steve: LineUpr got recommended to us. The reason for using an event app is quite simple. Every guest should have the possibility to get all relevant information about the event at any time. The attendee can find everything in an optimized view in the app.

LineUpr: How did you use the app before, during and after the event?

Steve: Before: Communicate the schedule and individual information to the speakers.

During: Communicate adjustments of the schedule. Advise users how to score speakers and presentations.

After: Thank you message to all users and feedback evaluations.

LineUpr: The keyword digitization is a big topic in Germany. How do you think this trend will change your company and events?

Steve: I think we’re starting to jump on the bandwagon. The advantages are obvious. All the tools used are connected – saving resources and delivering results in real time. We can take immediate action. In the end, the daily work is much more straightforward – both for the guest and the organizer.

LineUpr: Finally, a personal question. What is the ultimate tip for newcomers to the events industry?

Steve: You can celebrate as soon as your event is over. Before that, you are responsible for the smooth running! And there’s always something that doesn‘t work. Here you have to improvise. If nobody notices it, you have done everything right: -)

Thanks Steve for the great interview. If you would like to find out more about the Wilken Software Group, feel free to visit the homepage, the twitter profile or the facebook profile. We are already looking forward to your next events and how we can support them with LineUpr.