Scientific Conferences and Event Apps – A Perfect Fit for GeNeMe (TU Dresden)

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Once a year the GeNeMe takes place in Dresden. The Conference “Communities in New Media“ (GeNeMe). An exciting forum in which the scientific, administrative and economic sectors exchange ideas about the themes knowledge-management and e-learning.

Of course, event apps fit perfectly into the scheme. Nicole Filz, one of the organizers of the GeNeMe, explains to us how they used the app and how the participants benefited from it.

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LineUpr: Hello Nicole. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Please introduce yourself and the GeNeMe. Why should one necessarily attend this event?

Nicole: Hello, I’m part of the organizing team of the New Media Communities (GeNeMe for short). The conference takes place annually in Dresden and offers a broad community a platform for the exchange of technological and economic aspects on the use of new media. Current topics are addressed and discussed. The community unites young academics, research groups, and scientists as well as representatives from business and administration.

LineUpr: How much time and work do you spend on average in the planning of GeNeMe?

Nicole: Most of the event planning is done seamlessly after the event ends. True to the motto: “After the GeNeMe is before the GeNeMe.”

LineUpr: Who is the usual target audience of your events and how do you reach these people? Do you use particular processes or channels for marketing?

We used the app as an information channel for the speakers … to communicate the presentation process.

Nicole: The conference is aimed primarily at a scientific audience. But we are also very interested in the link between business and administration. Therefore, to reach the target audience many distributors of different specialized groups are used as well as the postal distribution of printed flyers.

LineUpr: So, you also use print products? Besides the flyers, any others?

Nicole: Yes, we use flyers for the promotion and to appeal for entry submissions, as well as posters and leaflets to promote the event in each format. Until 2016, we also summarised the entries as printed conference publications and distributed them to the participants.

LineUpr: Let’s get back to the digital solutions. How did you use the app before, during and after the event?

Nicole: Before: As an information channel for the speakers to already communicate details about the presentation process and the venue.

During: As a programme and information channel for content points, times and venues.

After: It is planned to use it as a reference for the past event as well as a way to address new partners.

LineUpr: How do you find and convince speakers for the GeNeMe?

Nicole: The conferences and meetings aim to provide a platform for the exchange, presentation, and discussion of current entries. The tracks of the conference form the basis for which topics will be presented at the respective conferences. The result is a community for the individual focal points. The exchange of ideas with experts and feedback on the respective topic is the motivation for participation.

LineUpr: Digitalisation also plays a significant role for university events. How will this development change GeNeMe in the future?

Nicole: We are getting away from printed media more and more. The conference publications have only been digitally distributed and published since 2016. Likewise, the conference documents are increasingly being reduced as printouts. The approach and communication with the participants and speakers is almost exclusively via digital media. Even meetings in the team are usually carried out in virtual rooms.

LineUpr: Final Question: What tips would you give to someone organizing their first event?

Nicole: Schedule buffers, make a rough time-plan and agenda, and stay calm.

LineUpr: Thank you, Nicole, for the great interview. We look forward to your next events and how we can support them with LineUpr.