App Rounds off Successful Summer Marketing Event – An Interview with Nicole Schiertz from the Marketing Club Dresden

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Guests from culture, politics, and business got together in June at the Summer Marketing Event to find out more on the topic of “brand and diversity”.

The focus of the event was the search for new talent and the call for diversity.

As part of the Marketing Club Dresden Team, Nicole Schiertz co-organized this colorful event and she will tell us in this interview what the marketing club is about, what role it plays and how they spontaneously decided to use an event app.

We hope you enjoy reading this customer story.


LineUpr: Hello Nicole. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Could you please briefly introduce yourself and explain what the Marketing Club Dresden is and what JuMPs stands for?

Nicole: Hello. I am Nicole. Thank you for the opportunity to do this interview. The Marketing-Club Dresden brings together a wide variety of professional groups from a wide range of sectors: university teachers, entrepreneurs, product managers, marketing and sales managers, key account managers and service providers from advertising and consulting. The Marketing Club Dresden is one of the 65 regional clubs of the German Marketing Association, which form a nationwide marketing network throughout Germany. As a local meeting place, they are an integral part of the economic life of their region for more than 10,000 marketing managers and companies. One of the special benefits of club membership is that it entitles you to participate in the regular events of all German marketing clubs for free. Of course, every club member can also use the extensive offers of the German Marketing Association.

I myself am a member of the JuMPs (which is the Junior Marketing Professionals)

We are all members of the German Marketing Association under 35 years.

We network local and national personal and professional development set new standards in the scene and provide fresh energy to the city.

LineUpr: How much time and work do you spend on the planning of the event on average?

Nicole: We try to meet at regular intervals, to exchange ideas and to plan our fixed events in the year. As a rule, the meetings, which take place approximately once a month, take about 3 to 4 hours to complete. Of course, if an event is just around the corner, we will invest more time in the preparation. The number of members can vary. For example, volunteers and new members

LineUpr: What makes the event special? Which target group do you want to address and what added value do you offer the participants?

Nicole: We appeal to people who are very interested in marketing-related topics. Both professional and private. We want to offer a network, to provide food for thought, to build up professional knowledge and to ensure professional and personal development. We try to constantly develop our solid know-how, to come up with new ideas, to address current topics and to find exciting speakers and visionaries to exchange ideas. For this we organize, for example, our Fireplace Evening, networking events such as the National JuMP Conferences and Camp as well as our Summer Marketing.

LineUpr: You’ve used LineUpr for the first time. How did you learn about LineUpr and what was the decisive argument for you to use an event app?

Nicole: I was very fortunate to learn about LineUpr through an employee. The opportunity to make our event accessible and useful to the participants through this channel was an exciting and new experience.

The creation of the content, the participants and the surveys took about 4 hours.

LineUpr: How long before the event did you start creating the event app? How much time did you invest in the app?

Nicole: We started the implementation relatively soon, as we learned about the app relatively late. At the next event, I would start using the app earlier. The creation of the content, the participants and the surveys took about 4 hours. Due to many small changes in the event plan, we continued to work with the app daily.

LineUpr: When and how did you inform the event participants about the event app?

Nicole: We sent a mass mail with all the important details to the presenters and speakers in advance. The link to the app was also included. We also sent the link to all ticket buyers during the purchase process. All speakers received a request to share the app’s link via their communication channels.

LineUpr: How did your visitors react to the app?

Nicole: There was consistently positive feedback. However, many participants asked us what exactly they should do with the app. Due to the short-term nature, we were unable to use the full scope of the tools. Next year, the participants should be able to use the app more actively.
Of course, this must then be communicated more directly to the participants.

The app allows users to use the app playfully and with ease.

LineUpr: Keyword challenges. How do you deal with the trend of digitalization? How will this development change your event in the future? Do you try to take a look at other events?

Nicole: Of course. We want to evolve both as a club and with our formats. The trend of digitalization also plays a big role for us. A view to the left and right is in every way an advantage. Nevertheless, it is important for us to preserve the traditions of the club and to maintain our format while constantly improving their quality.


LineUpr: Which speakers or presentations are you particularly proud of? Which speaker would you like to have at your event?

Nicole: We are very proud of every presenter and speaker we could win for our event. Since we have not set the theme for the next Summer Marketing as yet, we are open to new visionaries and trendsetters.

LineUpr: Which top three tips would you like to give other organizers for the use of LineUpr?

1. Include the app as soon as possible in your preparation process and take the time to design and maintain all event details.
2. Allow users to use the app playfully and with ease.
3. Make sure that your partners, speakers and sponsors promote the communication of the app.

LineUpr: Thank you for the great interview. That sounds like an exciting and interesting event. You managed to offer a very high-content event to a wide range of top-class professionals. We are very happy that we were able to support you with our event app.

If this interview has sparked further interest in you about the activities and you want to learn more about the broad fields of activities of the Marketing Club Dresden, then take a look at their homepage. Here you can inform yourself about the members and the statutes.

New posts and information also appear on Facebook at regular intervals and you can get in touch with Nicole Schiertz here on Linkedin.

We are already looking forward to the next event with you.