How to Optimize the Reach of your Event App

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On our blog, there was already an article on the subject of App Marketing which has been oriented at different stages before the event. We have already enlightened you on the different phases of marketing.

Regardless of the time, this article will now deal with concrete ways and means of marketing, independent of an exact timetable. The goal should be for you, as the organizer, to achieve the highest possible usage rate.

When to Begin? The Sooner the Better!

Basically, you have to first decide whether you want to use the app for the promotion of the event or just to inform the guests in advance.

If your goal is to market the event using the app, then you should start relatively early. We recommend that the framework of the app, i.e. the date, the location, the content, and one or more speakers, are already registered when the registration portals open.

It’s best to create a post that notifies the participants of the unfinished status, declaring that there will be more info here.

Pro Tip: Distribute the link for the registration through your app. For this, we have the registration button on the homepage of the app. This can refer persons to any website.

Use Mail Campaigns Properly

The number one way to publicise your app is still by email. As soon as your participants have to register for your event, they have guaranteed to provide an e-mail address. That’s exactly how you should promote the app. The important thing is that the app is already finalized. Participants must be able to see what to expect. Use your Call to Action as an added value for guests: they can create their daily schedule or take part in a survey.

It’s a good idea to send a second message to those who did not click on the app’s link in the first mail. You should, therefore, track and analyze the emails properly.

Social Media: Generating Attention

Start distributing the app’s link on all sorts of platforms. In this way, not yet registered people learn about your event. In contrast to the e-mail, you can start very early with this. Report the details of your event by using the sharing option of the app. You will find this button in the programme items, the locations, and the line-up. If you click on the button, you can then choose the platform on which you want to share it. Then write a text and done! Sharing directly from the app adds many more participants and recognizes it as a medium of information that is always kept up to date.

Pro tip: Speakers are well connected! Encourage them to share their own programme via social media. In Settings, you can also define hashtags that automatically appear in the post.

Promotion by Print – It’s all in the mix

Surely you have also prepared one or the other poster or a flyer for the promotion of your event. A QR code and the link to the app must definitely be displayed on such materials

In the case of posters, the reason is quite simple: The interested parties directly reach a medium optimized for mobile devices and have all the information immediately ready. This can never completely fit on a poster.

If you put the code and the link on the flyers, you can effectively reduce the amount of print material you need in the long term. Many people will prefer to choose the digital way!

Convince the Last Undecided Person During the Event

Certainly, there will be visitors who have not yet used your app or who do not even know it exists. No problem – you can still draw attention to the app during onboarding and other suitable locations.

Brief your staff! Each visitor has to be made aware of the app once again while onboarding. Use a QR code and a nice short link that is easy to type. In addition, your colleagues can present the added values of the app: there will be surveys, we will distribute changes etc.

What Should You Have Learned

In this article, you should have learned the ways of promotion and how they work. Besides, we have once again made it clear why a good promotion of the app also helps you as an organizer.

What is your opinion about App Promotion? Have you already had your own experiences? We look forward to your feedback on this article.

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