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How to Add Bookmarks for Your LineUpr-App to Your Home Screen – For Apple, Android & BlackBerry

How to add bookmarks to your home screen in a few easy steps. We explain how this works for Android, iOS and BlackBerry and the commonly used browser-apps Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Samsung Internet, and Safari.


LineUpr Tutorial – How to Create Convincing Profiles for Speakers, Participants, and Artists

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create profiles for your speakers, participants, and artists. Present them interactively in your event app. Use pictures, job titles, descriptions, contact data, …

Success Stories

Increase Visitor Interaction With the First Event App

In this interview Birgit Brenner reveals how she created her first event app with LineUpr and that even newcomers don't have to be afraid of it. We are also talking about increasing visitor interaction.

How to

How to Reduce Stress – 11 Techniques We Use at LineUpr

Stress arises when unexpected happens. We show you how to reduce and control sudden changes. Also, we share our four favorite techniques for dealing with stress at LineUpr.


LineUpr Tutorial – How to Create Convincing Venue Profiles

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create profiles for your venues. Present them interactively in your event app. Use room plans, create rooms, integrate links and descriptions ...

Success Stories

Digital Transformation to Improve the User Experience – “Das Haus der kleinen Forscher”

The "Haus der kleinen Forscher" uses digital ideas in the field of education. Constanze will tell us more about the foundation and the benefit of digitalization. Instead of old-school leaflets, they use an event app and other interactive solutions.

How to

Facebook‘s New News Feed – How It Will Affect You and Organizers

Recently, Facebook announced a major change to its News Feed algorithm. Organic reach for most companies will decline and costs for advertising will increase. But if you’re prepared and do the right things, you can even benefit from the adaption.

Founder Notes

We Sponsor Your Event – Free Premium Event App

You have a low marketing budget, but you want to present your event with the latest marketing? No problem! LineUpr will sponsor an individual event app for the mobile and digital communication of your event.

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The end of native event-apps like we know them?

The change of rule 4.2.6 have far-reaching effects on event app vendors. We explain you the reason for that change and how it will affect nearly all native event apps.

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