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We have another case study for you! Today it will be about the colleagues at the Silicon Saxony e.V. They’ve been using LineUpr for a while and we were fortunate enough to be at one of the local events. You can expect information about the event, the organization and the use of LineUpr for the distribution of information and the use of our interactive live surveys.

The Organization – Are Technicians Automatically Technically Affine?

Silicon Saxony e.V. is a trade association of the semiconductor industry with a regional focus on Saxony. Its members include both companies and individuals. Most of them have a technical background in common. One can, therefore, assume that the participants are quite technically affine.

The age structure of the association is very diverse. Everyone, from the early 20s up to the age of retirement, was to be found among the participants of the Silicon Saxony Day.

The great thing about [LineUpr] is that [it] is totally easy to handle. The live voting function is also great.

The usage figures of the app speak for themselves. In total, 223 people used the app. On average, everyone visited the app 2.82 times, opening 8.33 pages in each session. The total number of visitors, 300 people, is a great amount! It turns out, that the format of the Silicon Saxony Day is perfect for the use of an event app, despite the age structure. What exactly this event is will be highlighted in the next section.

Silicon Saxony Day 2018 – A lot of Well-Planned Content

The Silicon Saxony Day is the annual conference of the association. A lot of content was offered in this and the past years. The language of the conference was English. The reason for this is that the association was able to welcome guests from abroad.

In addition to the keynote speeches on the different topics typical for conferences, there were workshop tracks for which each guest could individually choose for themselves. Here, practical knowledge was imparted, the best practices were discussed and the professional exchange with colleagues was maintained.

During the lunch break, various companies presented themselves in an exhibitor pitch. The atmosphere here was rather laid back – the audience stood at bistro tables and the pitching exhibitors had space in front of a monitor to present their company.

After the lunch break, companies that registered in advance could participate in speed dating with interested students. The students were looking for internships, final theses, traineeships or direct entry. The speed dating served to get to know each other better and explore potentials.

The event was then concluded in an informal round in the evening.

The Objective

Different organizers have very different goals when using an event app. Since Silicon Saxony already used apps from LineUpr several times, the plan to replace printed materials is almost achieved. The organizers wanted to completely get rid of printed materials. Additionally, another goal was to increase the interaction at the event and to offer a database where the participants could retrieve all information in bundles after the event.

We will use the app more often in the future.

The App – What was Presented?

In addition to the classic what, when, where and with whom, other features of LineUpr were also used. Basic event information and information about the organizer were presented.

In the corresponding profiles, the sponsors of the event were presented and could, therefore, be particularly well acknowledged by the participants. In addition, the post function was very well used. A total of 10 messages were distributed to the guests via this service. The messages were all prepared in the CMS of LineUpr and were published at the given times. If you want to do that, check out the instructions here. Posts were the third most opened page after the homepage and the program – so in-app messages work very well!

The survey feature was also extensively used, both during and after the event. But we will touch more on this in the following section.

The Surveys – Promotion is Key!

Two survey types were used. The feedback – in duplicate – was used after the event. Once for the companies that participated in the speed dating and once for all guests to ensure the quality of the event for the following years. In order to achieve the highest possible number of participants, the organizers subsequently sent an email with a request for feedback.

Behind the button “START THE SURVEY” is the link, which led directly to the survey.

The voting rate for the feedback was remarkable in comparison: 65 participants rated the event afterwards. The reason for the good participation was the form of advertising. If you also want to know how to properly promote your event app, check out this tutorial.

In addition to the feedback, our live survey was also used. After a demo of technologies from different companies, a winner could be chosen by means of a survey and corresponding results presentation on the screen. The live survey was technically implemented with our slide view. One of our colleagues was on site as a director to publish the prepared survey, while the presenter on stage called for participation. The director then placed the slide view on the screen while the results were received. After a suitable time, which varied each time, the survey was deactivated again and the result was announced. The optimal voting time depends on how many people are in the room. Over time, the dynamic decreases noticeably. If that is the case, the poll should be deactivated again.

Interested in creating a survey and conducting it yourself? Then this guide is just right for you to read.

Networking – Use Existing Channels

The organizers decided to map the networking by using participant profiles in the app. Since the participants do not have to register with LineUpr to use the app, we imported the participants’ data in the form of a list before the event.

This offers several advantages. On the one hand, the guests can quickly get an overview of the other participants and can inform themselves in advance about their company, field of business and offers. In addition, we at LineUpr rely on existing communication channels, which the participants generally appreciate, because new contacts do not need to be transferred to other systems after the event. Above all, existing channels mean e-mail, as it is still the most widespread form of communication in the business context. But Xing or LinkedIn profiles are also very popular communication channels. According to the motto “Please your customer, not your ego”, this is the best way for the participants.

You would like to know more about creating appealing personal profiles? Then click here!

The second benefit has to do with the content of the event. The content presented in the workshops was linked in the respective profiles of the speakers. The guests can easily access the presentations and these are once again associated with the speaker.

Summary – Goal Achieved?

The goal from above was achieved. There were no printed materials and the participants were able to network with each other as well as with the companies on site. All the documents for lectures and presentations are available online and the interaction at the event could be significantly increased.

To clarify this once again, we will let Carola Schulze from the organizers’ team speak at the end.

What the Organizers say

The great thing about the app is that it is totally easy to handle. You can easily set and retrieve content. The user gets an overview of the program and receives information about the individual lectures. You can also set favorites and knit your own program. No printed program booklet is required anymore, as today almost everyone owns a smartphone. The live voting function is also great. As a trade network, we want to constantly know what moves our members and what they think. You can use the app to ask specific questions about specific topics during an event and receive replies in seconds, which can be presented directly on a slide. We will use the app more often in the future, on the one hand to convey program content and on the other hand for surveys in order to get the opinions of our members faster.

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