Month: March 2019

How to

Why Organizers Should Digitalize Their Events – 6 Arguments

More and more events use digital tools. And that's good so. We'll show you with 6 examples how you will benefit from it.

Success Stories

Event Apps for Summits – Experiences of the Sage Summit Tour

Satisfied visitors and improved subscriber communication. Patricia Russ from Sage explains how the Sage Summit Tour benefits from an event app.

Success Stories

Great Success of the First Event App (4.2 of 5 Stars) – Experiences of the Sennheiser Summit

Introduction of the first event app for the Sennheiser Summit. Stefan Löchelt explains how this app got 4.2 out of 5 stars from the participants and how the schedule was digitalized.

How to

How to Create the Perfect Sponsorship Model for Your Event (and Integrate your Event App)

We will explain to you how to create the perfect sponsorship model for your event. By the way, it's also about how you integrate an event app.

Success Stories

Event Apps for Event Agencies – Experiences from Hirschfeld Touristik Event

Sascha Heide from Hirschfeld Touristik Event will show us why event agencies should proactively draw their customers' attention to event apps.

How to

How to Increase the Interaction at Your Event with Live Polls

Live surveys are perfect for increasing the interaction at your event. Here, we have 5 ideas for the maximum success of live surveys for you.

Success Stories

Conferencing Event Apps – First Event App of the FLI Conference

The FLI Conference used an event app for the first time. Gabriele Ginard tells us more about the results and experiences of this first run.

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