Great Success of the First Event App (4.2 of 5 Stars) – Experiences of the Sennheiser Summit

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Agencies and event apps. That sounds like a perfect match. Event organizers are asking more and more event agencies for digital solutions such as event apps. On behalf of the digital agency screenform digital, we have Stefan Löchelt as a guest on our blog today.

Stefan tells us a little more about the use and the success of the event app at the Sennheiser Summit 2018 in Berlin.

LineUpr: Hello, Stefan. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Please introduce yourself and your company personally. What are your goals?

Stefan: screenform digital was founded in 1996 as an agency for digital media, as an offshoot of an advertising agency. We offer services for medium-sized industrial customers, from web portals to special communication solutions and digital support for customer events.

Why use an event app – The trigger was to supplement the printed agenda. Next year we will replace it completely!

LineUpr: For the first time you have used an event app for the Sennheiser Summit. What were the decisive arguments for using an event app?

Stefan: The trigger was to supplement the printed agenda at this event. Next year we will replace it completely. Then there were a whole series of other app feature requests, but for this premiere, we limited ourselves to basic functions such as locations, speaker information and further information next to the agenda.

LineUpr: Have you already used event apps in advance and if so, what are your experiences with them?

Stefan: Yes, but we have had very different experiences. Sometimes the event app was only a supplement to an enterprise solution, often not processed in a modern way. This is different at LineUpr. It was also positive that LineUpr is “only” a WebApp – our customer has a very strict regulation, which native Apps from the AppStore may be installed, changes are hardly possible.

LineUpr: Interesting. How did you use the app before, during and after the event?

Stefan: The EventApp was only used during the event. The QR code was shown in the WelcomeLetter, on large banners and at the SupportDesk the QR code. That’s why it was really easy to use the app. The basis was the agenda, together with detailed information about speakers, location, rooms as well as further information about restaurants and bars nearby. We didn’t make much use of the post function. We didn’t use the option to offer the distribution of documents, because the customer documents had to be protected against third parties (we then handled them via another platform).

We have misused the survey function: here the users could submit their input/questions for the event-closing Q&A session.

LineUpr: This is no misuse. We wanted to make this possible. To make this even easier in the future, we even revised our survey function a short while ago. Now you can create Q&A surveys directly.

How did your visitors react to the app?

Stefan: Already during the event there was positive feedback about the app.

After the event we carried out – as always – an anonymous survey – here the entire event could be evaluated. Also the EventApp. 151 participants gave feedback (from 5 stars to 1 star) and the LineUpr EventApp got 4.21 stars – a very positive result for us.

LineUpr: That sounds awesome. If you have to compare past events with today’s, how have they changed through the use of LineUpr?

Stefan: The event has not changed fundamentally due to the use of the app. However, the users’ expectations have changed – ideas have already been brought to us as to which additional functions should be implemented, e.g. export of the agenda as ics file and better possibility to create an individual agenda.

151 participants gave feedback … The event app got 4,21 of 5 stars!

LineUpr: Well, then we have something to do ?. What other difficulties do you face in the planning, marketing, and execution of events?

Stefan: At events, we have more logistical problems with spontaneous change requests (participants do not fit into one room, caterers cannot deliver as agreed, spontaneous change requests of the stakeholders).

LineUpr: Completely different topic: digitization. How is this development changing your work around events?

Stefan: Digital help systems are of course used by us in the planning and execution of events if it makes sense. We are currently evaluating new invitation management software as requirements have changed in recent years. In principle, all communication with the participants (from the invitation and participation/entrance to the provision of documents and a final survey) is purely digital. But we already took this step several years ago and in the meantime, it will probably be standard for every event.

LineUpr: Finally, do you have three top tips for using LineUpr for other organizers?

Stefan: No, not three top tips. But before you use an app, you should deal with the possibilities and its adaptability in advance.

LineUpr: Thank you, Stefan, for the great interview. We are already looking forward to your next events and how we can support them with LineUpr.

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