How to Increase the Interaction at Your Event with Live Polls

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Live surveys and opinion polls are a wonderfully flexible tool to make your event a great event. It’s a fabulous way to connect with your participants and increase interaction. That’s another reason why surveys are among the most used features of LineUpr apps.

After many conversations with our awesome customers and the regular evaluation of all apps, 5 reasons which show why every organizer should use live surveys and opinion polls have emerged.

1. Intensify the Presentations

Frontal presentations have never been cool. Unfortunately, we did not have a choice at school and in university so we gathered in front of the teacher’s desk or beamer but things are different at your events. None of your guests have to pay attention and there is no exam at the end. So it’s up to you to design the presentations in such a way that the guests have fun and listen with interest because they are motivated to.

And how do you do that? With surveys and live polls, of course. Your speakers should lighten your presentations with small surveys and opinion polls. Thus, the audience can be interviewed directly on some topics. Firstly, your participants always stay on top and feel that their own experience and attitude becomes part of the presentation, and secondly, everyone can get a sense of what most people think in the room.

2. Collect Participant Feedback

Sure, this is a no-brainer. Surveys provide participants the opportunity to give you feedback. This has two decisive advantages. First, you can show the guests that their opinion is important to you. They can always contact you if they have any problems. Of course, you should also implement this feedback so that your participants get the feeling that their opinions count.

Secondly, it will give you quick and easy suggestions on how to further optimize your event. You can grow on negative feedback and integrate positive feedback directly into your marketing for the next event. Nothing beat user-generated content. Another treat: If you regularly implement the feedback and your participants visit your events throughout several years, then everyone can see and feel the change. And each participant feels like his opinion was part of the change. With this, you can bind the participants lastingly and intensively to your events.

3. User-generated content for your marketing

We do not know if you already know this, but most people like colorful graphs and statistics.

We have already poked at it. Surveys and opinion polls allow you to gather a lot of information about your participants. How do they relate to a specific topic? How would they react to the following problem? Which person is better suited for Job X? No matter how you turn it, you can ask your attendees various things. Of course, the results are great at the event, but you can continue to use it for your marketing even after the event. Prepare the information in pretty graphics and distribute it through social channels.

4. Live Polls as Icebreakers

Not only should your speakers use live surveys in presentations, but you should too! Opinion polls are great for kick-off events.

Your guests have all taken their seats and are now waiting for the event to begin. Do not bore your participants with 30 minutes of frontal presentation, but ask some interesting questions and then collect the input of the users. You can also heat up people by setting topics for the following networking session. You are free to ask what you want.

Another positive effect is that you bind the participants to a certain extent to the app. If the day starts with an interaction – meaning an added value for the participants – we will make the app an integral part of the event and save you a lot of work as your guests can now find the answers to most questions on their own.

5. Personalize Your Events

Live opinion polls are a great way for your participants to give the event their personal stamp. During their presentation, speakers could ask the audience which topics are most relevant. He can then only talk about the areas that interest those attending. Some speakers already set up the lectures according to an interactive path. The presentation is then a little different each time and always individually tailored to the participants.

You could also use live Q&As for this, so that the participants can ask questions to the speakers in real time or make suggestions for topics.

What You Should Have Learned

Live surveys and opinion polls are a simple yet great tool. They can make the difference between a normal and a great event. Through them, your speakers can interact quickly and easily with the participants and loosen up the presentation. Incidentally, with LineUpr such surveys are created and implemented in just a few seconds.

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