How to Create the Perfect Sponsorship Model for Your Event (and Integrate your Event App)

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Sponsors are an essential part of the financing for many events. Therefore, organizers invest a large portion of their working time to convince sponsors to invest in their event. But this is easier said than done because sponsors want to recognize the added value of the investment. Therefore, a smart person invented the idea of sponsorship packages.

In these packages, you define how and where sponsors can present themselves and what contribution they can make. As a central communication tool, the areas in the event app should be an elementary part of your sponsorship offers.

We will show you which typical sponsorship models exist and how these principles apply to your event and develop the sponsorship packages that are right for you.

A – Multilevel Sponsorship Concept

Most organizers work with a multi-level model. Depending on the level chosen, the sponsor receives a previously defined selection of presentation options and contact points for the event participant. Typical examples are gold, silver and bronze sponsors. You can create your variant of this concept in three steps:

1.   Define Different Levels

Typical examples of such stages are gold, silver, and bronze. Many organizers also work with individual event modules such as the technology sponsor, catering sponsor or program sponsor. You and your imagination have no limits. It is crucial that the terms are understandable and related to your event.

2.   How Many Sponsors Are Allowed?

Now that the terms are clear, it’s about the number of sponsors for each level. Your desired sponsoring budget should be decisive. What amount do you want to earn? You should divide this amount over the different packages. For more exclusive packages, you can ask for higher prices. If you’re going to work with a lot of sponsors, then you should correct the prices accordingly.

It should be noted that exclusivity also means that sponsors will contact you sooner. This allows for better budget planning.

3.   Give the Steps Life

Now you can set the range of presentation options for each type of package. Please remember, the more expensive a package, the more exclusively the sponsor should be presented. Since we are in regular contact with our customers, we were often allowed to use such a multi-level model on our event app. Here is a typical example:

B – A La Carte Sponsor Concept

As the title suggests, the sponsor can put together his individual package here. This model is primarily for sponsors, who know precisely how and where they want to present themselves at your event.

Although this model saves you the tedious task of creating packages, you will need a list of all options. It’s best to put these options in different areas such as before the event, during the event, etc. As far as prices are concerned, you could either define a price for each option or you can negotiate the price individually. Here’s an example:

1.   Before the Event

  • Link the sponsor’s logo to your event registration page
  • Use your social media accounts to promote and link the sponsor before the event (link to the profile in the app)
  • Promote the program points and speakers of your sponsor by connecting them in the e-mails before the event (link to the program point in the app)

2.   During the Event

  • Create a sponsorship profile for your sponsor
  • Use the sponsor’s logo for the app icon
  • Use the logo of the sponsor in the cover picture of the app
  • Use the sponsor’s logo for the footer image of the app
  • Link further information and documents of the sponsor on his profile
  • Create personal profiles for the sponsor and mix them under the participants’ profiles
  • Create surveys and rooms with the name of the sponsor
  • Send In-App messages on behalf of the sponsor

3.   After the Event

  • Mention your sponsor in the first email after the event
  • Use the sponsor’s logo for event presentation materials after the event
  • Use the name of the sponsor in the feedback survey after the event

What You Should Have Learned

In this article, we explained how to develop the right sponsorship model for your event. It was also about the presentation options in your event app. By the way, there are many more tricks for the presentation of sponsors in our article: “Let your Sponsors Pay for the App.

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