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Today we have the honor of welcoming a real event expert. Sascha Heide von Hirschfeld Touristik Event is on a daily hunt for fresh and original ideas for the incentive travels of his customers. He has already seen everything possible in the event industry.

In addition to the joy of the event industry, Sascha connects us with his focus on the future and the implementation of new technologies in event planning and execution. Like us, he is convinced of the added value of an event app and therefore proactively addresses his customers about this. In the next few lines, you will learn about why he does this and which advantages we mean. Another very readable customer story. Have fun. ?

LineUpr: Hello Sasha. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Please introduce yourself and the Hirschfeld Touristik Event Agency.

Sascha: The Hirschfeld Touristik Event is the largest platform for corporate events in the German-speaking world. With more than 5,000 ideas for incentive travel, congressional frameworks, company outings, team building exercises, and Christmas parties, we make it easier for event planners to do their job. On www.hirschfeld.de you can easily search for ideas, compare prices and directly contact the provider. For customers who have a complete concept, for example, for the next sales competition, we act as a full-service agency. We have projects around the world. I am a trained tourism expert and take care of Hirschfeld Touristik Event for our incentive customers, who are looking for very original ideas.

Event apps entirely convince us.

LineUpr: Who are your typical customers and how do you reach them? Which channels and tools do you use to market and present your agency?

Sascha: Our customers are exclusively companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. So we only work in the B2B area. The majority of the contact with interested parties happens through our website www.hirschfeld.de and corresponding campaigns. Besides, over the past 20 years, we have built up a large proportion of loyal regular customers who know us well and trust our reliable work.

LineUpr: You have told me that only very few of your customers come to you and actually ask for an event app. Nevertheless, you proactively offer the apps. Why are you convinced of the use of an event app and how does an inexperienced organizer gain from this idea?

Sascha: Event apps entirely convince us. Currently, the industry is in a phase where guests still like to get a programme booklet. The more often we replace the printed programme booklet with all the advantages of the app, the more the acceptance of the participants for the new medium increases.

LineUpr: How do you typically use the app before, during and after the events?

Sascha: Our customers and we advertise the app in advance of the project. It’s done sometimes by post, but mostly by mail. Usually, we start about three to six months before the start of the trip, convention or conference with the publication of the app.

The use of an app does not change an event in itself. The communication with the participants is already changing.

LineUpr: And how do your customers or the participants react to the app?

Sascha: The participants received the app very positively. This is then often mirrored to us by our customers as positive feedback.

LineUpr: How have your events changed by using an event app?

Sascha: The use of an app does not change an event in itself. The communication with the participants is already changing, if, for example, you post the current weather and appropriate points three days before an incentive trip to New York. If we fully exploit the possibilities of the app, it is a real added value for every guest.

LineUpr: Is Hirschfeld an exception or should other event agencies also deliberately draw their customers’ attention to the topic of event apps? What advantages do you see in it for the organizers and event agencies?

Sascha: I cannot and do not want to judge the business of other agencies. We have had very good experiences with the use of event apps.

LineUpr: As an event expert, what’s the ultimate tip for newcomers to the event industry?

Sascha: To be active and happy in the event industry for a long time, newcomers should start looking right at the beginning for a field of activity that is really fun for them. This can be in an agency in Germany, in a hotel in Cape Town or at an outdoor specialist in Austria.

LineUpr: Which three top tips would you like to give other organizers for the use of LineUpr?

Sascha: 1. Create a cool header, 2. Always keep the text short and concise, 3. Make full use of the communication possibilities to the participants.

LineUpr: Thank you, Sascha, for the great interview. One can see that you live for the event industry with every phase of your body. It is always great to talk to you. Anyone looking for a capable event agency should definitely take a look at the homepage of Hirschfeld Touristik Event. Here you will find a competent contact for every kind of event.

We look forward to your next events and to how we can support them with LineUpr.

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