Month: September 2018


Here Is How You Can Customize the Settings of Your LineUpr Account

How can I adjust the settings of my LineUpr account? And what settings are possible? We will answer these questions in this article.

Success Stories

Event App for a Gala Event – How Great Place to Work® Was Able to Relieve Their Event Hotline

An event app for gala events and award ceremonies? Karin Bischof from Great Place to Work® explains why this makes sense and what benefits it brings to the event manager.

Success Stories

The Silicon Saxony Day with LineUpr – Interactive Surveys and Information Right in your Pocket

In the case study you will learn what the Silicon Saxony e.V. would like to achieve with an event app, how they did it and why they rely on LineUpr. In addition, Carola Schulze has her say and reveals what the benefits of LineUpr are.

Success Stories

Event Apps for Information Events – How the HR Innovation Day Implemented an Event App

Prof. Peter M. Wald, the organizer of HR Innovation Day, has used an event app for the first time in 2018 for on-site communication. Why he chose LineUpr and his experiences with it are told in this article.


Slides for Leads – How to Quickly and Easily Gather Contact Information for Your Participants

We'll show you how to use your event app to quickly and easily gather the contact details of your participants.

Success Stories

Event Apps for Customer Forums – Happy Visitors and Optimized Processes at the KUMAVISION Customer Forum

Event apps for customer forums. How does that affect customers? KUMAVISION AG tested this for their customer forum and has also optimized the course of events.


LineUpr Tutorial: Incognito Mode – How it Affects the Usability of LineUpr Apps

We'll show you what the private browsing mode in the mobile browser is all about and give you step-by-step instructions on how to turn it on and off. Eliminate the # 1 error while using LineUpr!

Success Stories

Event Apps for Customer Conferences – The R2C Customer Conference of Schleupen AG

Nathalie Jene tells us how she used LineUpr for the R2C customer conference and how she was able to modernize the event format and course.

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