Success Stories

Save work and quickly share changes – the first event app of the University of the Savings Banks Finance Group

Learn in this interview how Stefanie of the University of the Savings Banks Finance Group created and used her first event app with LineUpr. You haven’t created a LineUpr app as yet? Then get interesting insights and learn about the benefits!


Tutorial: How to Create an Attendee Registration Form in LineUpr

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create the participant registration in LineUpr that will allow your participants to sign up for the event.

Success Stories

Event Apps for Theatre Events- Experiences of the Platform shift+

In this article, Dirk Neldner from Platform shift+ shows us how he consistently accompanies the digitalization of theatre events with an event app for the communication of guests.

How to

Exceptional Locations for Your B2B Event – What You Should Keep in Mind

In this article, we'll show you what the pros and cons of unique locations for your B2B event are and how and where you can find such places.

Success Stories

How a Tech Conference Benefits From an Event App – The Dev Day Dresden

How to use an event app to increase response rates for feedback surveys and local participants' interaction at a tech conference? Maria Lajn, co-organiser of Dev Day Dresden (T-Systems MMS) reveals this to us.

Success Stories

Event Apps for Food Festivals – How “Castrop Kocht Über” Benefits from This

Peter Berg from “Castrop Kocht Über” tells us how he learned about LineUpr and how food festivals can benefit from an event app.

How to

14 Top Event Awards from Around the World

We researched the 14 most important and well-known award events in the event industry from around the world. Apply now!

Success Stories

Event Apps for the Study Information Day – The TU Kaiserslautern

How does the TU Kaiserslautern use an event app to present their open day? Mrs. Väth from the university’s communication department tells us.


Feedback Function – How to Quickly and Easily Gain Feedback About Speakers and Programme Items via the App

In this tutorial, we will show you how your participants can quickly and easily provide feedback on individual speakers and programme items.

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