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Do you organize extraordinary events? Your agency or event team is the best in the country? Or have you developed a new event technology that is revolutionizing the whole industry? No matter which of these apply to you, you’re ready for an event award.

On the one hand, here you get the deserved popularity from the industry and on the other, you get a great seal of approval, which you can use to address even more potential customers.

Since award ceremonies have always been very popular, there are already a large number of award events in the event industry. Depending on which category your submission falls in or which target region and group you want to address, there is a suitable prize for everyone.

We have researched fourteen award events from around the world for you. So do not think too long, apply directly online.

Awards for the Event Industry in DACH

As one of the largest event markets, German-speaking countries have a number of award events to offer:

BrandEx Award

With the FAMAB Awards, the Best of Events and other smaller events, there have been many award events in Germany so far. All of these award events have joined together for the first time for 2019 for the BrandEx Award. Together they want to gain more reach and become one of the most significant award events in Europe. In January, the best events, agencies, and technology will be crowned in over 15 categories.

Austrian Event Award

Every December, the Austrian event industry crowns the best among themselves in 12 categories. The focus here is clearly on different types of events.


The EVA Award describes itself as one of the most important B2B Award events in German-speaking countries. In 9 categories, different types of events can compete and be crowned winners in December.

Awards for the Event Industry in Europe

There is no shortage of great event awards in the rest of Europe:

Eventex Awards

This award is somewhat the odd one out for two reasons. First, it is probably the event with the largest selection of categories. You can apply here in more than 100 areas. And secondly, the prizes are awarded online. So there is no physical public event. The winners are announced online in a live stream in March.

M&IT Industry Awards

This event focuses on UK venues and event services. It is possible to apply to a total of 15 categories. So if you have time in March, apply.


In June, the best events, technologies, and agencies in the UK are announced for 25 categories.

Event Industry Awards

This is one of the most famous event awards in the world. For the last 10 years, the best in their field are determined here. Today, you can compete in 25 categories based on your event. The prizes are available in July.

C&IT Awards

Every September, the best events and innovations in the event industry are announced at the C & IT Awards. The focus here is clearly on B2B-Events. In addition to individual events, special locations, latest technologies, and agencies are also selected.

Event Technology Awards

The Event Technology Award focuses solely on innovations in event technology. Hosted by Event Industry News, this is certainly one of, if not the most prominent award, for event technology. In more than 20 categories different solutions can compete and win the coveted prize in November.


The name promises a lot and the BEA is actually one of the most famous event awards in the world. In more than 20 categories, winners here are honored in November. The focus is on events, for which 15 of the 20 categories are dedicated to.

Campaign Event Awards

Another award event from the UK with a very wide range of possible categories. The focus here is on participant experience and marketing. Just for the extraordinary. The prizes are given in November.

The Drum Experience Awards

One of the most famous event marketing events in the UK. Here you can compete in over 30 categories with your event or technology. The awards are given in December.

Awards for the Event Industry Around the Rest of the World

Practically for every region in the world, there are small and special event awards. To name all of these would go beyond this list. Therefore, we decided to highlight only three special events here:

Experience Design & Technology Awards

This award focuses on event technology and event design. Again, more than 20 categories are available for your application. This is certainly a suitable award for interesting event designs and innovative new solutions. The winners are announced in October.


MESE is one of the most famous events for the event industry in the Middle East. Also from this position, MESE honors the best events, outstanding event managers and the use of event technology in over 20 categories in April.

WOW Awards Asia

Next to the Eventex Award probably the biggest event for event awards. You can compete in 100 categories on all topics related to events, services, and technologies. The awards are given in June.

What Should You Have Learned

As an event organizer and technology expert, you can compete with your event, team, or invention at event awards every year. Face the judgment of the industry leaders and secure one of the coveted prizes. To help you with this, we have researched 14 special award events for you. An application to any of these events is definitely worth it.

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