How to Optimize the Reach of your Event App

This article will deal with concrete ways and means of marketing, independent of an exact timetable. The goal should be for you, as the organizer, to achieve the highest possible usage rate.

Digital Programme for the Dresden Media Festival – Event-App Experiences

Reading time: 6 minutes Today will again be cultural in our blog. With Kirsten Mascher, we host the project manager of German Multimedia Award and organizer of the media festival. With an average of 3,500 visitors and more than 45 interactive stations, the media festival is one of the most interesting events in Germany. Kirsten, …

Working with a tight budget – Free Tools for BarCamps

We love BarCamps! Therefore, we are always happy to support such an event. We think that such a young and innovative event format deserves all the help it can get.
We are often asked if there are any other good, and most importantly, free tools that are suitable for hosting BarCamps. In addition, we have been to some Barcamps and want to show you what the organisers use there.