Month: June 2018


Offer Your Sponsors Measurable Reach

We will show you step by step how to evaluate the usage statistics for subpages of your event app, what information you can get and why your sponsors will appreciate it.

Success Stories

Digital Event App for the Digitalmediacamp – The Media Lab Bavaria

Christian Simon from the Media Lab Bavaria tells you how and why he used an event app for the digitalmediacamp. As a bonus, there are three tips on how to deal with event apps.

How to

How to Find the Perfect Location – 14 Criteria to Make Good Decision

How do you choose the perfect location for your event from the many possibilities? We have collected 14 criteria for you to compare locations and make the best choice objectively.

Success Stories

Scientific Conferences and Event Apps – A Perfect Fit for GeNeMe (TU Dresden)

Scientific conferences and event apps. How do they fit together? Nicole Filz from TU Dresden shows us how she benefited from an event app in the preparation and implementation of GeNeMe.

How to

How to Optimize the Reach of your Event App

This article will deal with concrete ways and means of marketing, independent of an exact timetable. The goal should be for you, as the organizer, to achieve the highest possible usage rate.

Success Stories

More Than Just Head-On Presentations – Event Participants Want To Be Integrated

Conference participants today expect more from an event than just head-on presentations. They want to be integrated into the event. Torsten Fiedler explains how this was successfully done at the Dresden Sewage Conference.

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