Event Apps for Trade Fairs – The Visitors of the Pferd & Jagd Fair are Convinced

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Today, we welcome Florian Eiben to our interview series, consultant for special exhibitions and events of the exhibition specialists Fachausstellungen Heckmann GmbH on our blog.

In his function, Florian is, among others, responsible for the exhibition Pferd & Jagd. This year, for the first time, an event app was used as the central communication medium on site. Although as a Plan B there were also printed programme booklets, most visitors deliberately opted out of the printed booklets and for the app. The next time it will be completely digital.

In the interview, Florian explains how this smooth transition from paper to digital has been mastered so perfectly. Have fun while reading. ?

LineUpr: Hello Florian. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Please introduce yourself and the Fachaustellungen Heckmann GmbH. What are your goals and what role do events play?

Florian: We, the exhibition specialists Fachausstellung Heckmann GmbH, are organizers of major trade fairs and consumer exhibitions. In short, our goal is to bring together supply and demand at a specific location for a limited time.

It is becoming increasingly important to make something special out of a trade fair visit. What used to be informative and factually shaped teaching and special shows (our company exists since 1928) are today exciting events and entire worlds of experience. Emotions play a crucial role. And that’s precisely what my job is as a consultant for special exhibitions and events.

LineUpr: For the Pferd & Jagd Fair 2017 you used LineUpr to represent your programme and the contributors. How did you become aware of LineUpr and what is the main reason for using an event app?

Florian: The digital transformation has long been introduced here as well. The company, the events, and the whole environment are changing enormously. Since we are part of the Deutsche Messe AG Group, which is at the epicenter of digitalization with events such as the Hannover Exhibition or CEBIT, we also get a lot of information on the latest software, digital solutions or exciting start-ups. This is how we made contact with LineUpr.

LineUpr: The label suggests it, but what is the Pferd & Jagd exactly about?

Florian: The Pferd & Jagd is a fair in Hanover and consists of three topics. Besides “horse” and “hunting”, “fishing” is also a separate topic. Created from a riding tournament, the event now has over 100,000 visitors on the four days of the fair. In addition to 950 exhibitors, the visitors can expect much more: live events in various riding circles, an arena with 4,000 seats, several stages and expert forums. In total, more than 1,000 programme points come together.

LineUpr: Who is the target group of the Pferd & Jagd? How do you reach this target group and convince them to participate?

Florian: Since the Pferd & Jagd is a special interest event despite the three thematic areas, we can define and address our visitor target groups very well. In the horse area, of course, all horse-loving people in a radius of 300 km – from recreational riders to tournament riders, from beginners to equestrian owners. Social media and online channels are playing an increasingly important role in the marketing mix. But we continue to rely on traditional media such as advertisements in trade journals or large posters on fences.

The beauty of the app is that changes and additions can be made at any time.

LineUpr: Back to the app. How did you use it concretely?

Florian: We gradually filled the app with content and put it online four weeks before the event. The beauty of the app is that changes and additions can be made at any time.

In the run-up to the event, we shared the link to the app via our online channels and provided information on the stand and floor sticker (with URL and QR code) on site.

Since it was our first time, we mainly used the basics.

LineUpr: How did your visitors react to the app?

Florian: The response was very positive and the visitors got along very well with the app. As a precaution, we also had printed programme booklets produced. We will forgo this in the future.

As a precaution, we also had printed programme booklets produced. We will forgo this in the future.

LineUpr: Do you have, in closing, three tips for other organizers using LineUpr?

Florian: Actually, I only have one tip: Just do it! Much is self-explanatory and if you have any questions, the LineUpr team will always be there to help you.

LineUpr: Thank you, Florian, for the great interview. The Pferd & Jagd fair is indeed an exciting event. It’s great that you’ve shared your initial experience with LineUpr. More information about this and other activities of the Fachausstellung Heckmann can be found on the homepage.

We look forward to your next events and how we can support them with LineUpr.