Event Apps for MUN Conferences – Experiences of the IsarMUN

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We are pleased that more and more Model United Nations conferences in Europe are approaching us and would like to use a LineUpr event app. Since last year we can also welcome the IsarMUN to this circle.

As one of the biggest MUN events in Germany, they also benefit greatly from an event app. In this interview, Anna-Sophie explains how they were able to enhance the communication comfort for all participants with LineUpr and at the same time were able to work sustainably. Have fun while reading. 😊

LineUpr: Hello Anna-Sophie. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Please introduce yourself.

Anna-Sophie: Hello. Thank you for the opportunity and your support!

I am 20 years old and have been studying Law (StEx) and the Near and Middle East (B.A.) for 4 semesters as a double degree at the LMU in Munich. Last year, together with my Co-CEO Sebastian Eppelt and a team of over 50, I set up the Isar Model United Nations 2018. As a MUN conference, we have been simulating the committee work of the United Nations and similar international institutions (e. g. NATO, WTO, …). This has been done for one weekend every year for the last 12 years under the umbrella of our parent organization MUNAM e. V. (Model United Nations Association Munich e. V.) with over 200 student participants from all over the world.

LineUpr: How much time and work do you spend on average on the planning of the IsarMUN?

Anna-Sophie: In total, more than 50 students and young professionals participated in the organization of IsarMUN on a voluntary basis last year. Of these, 13 were involved intensively throughout the year in the planning and implementation. Divided into an “Executive Board” and an “Academics Team”, we start about a year in advance with the logistics and content organization of the IsarMUN. Weekly meetings to discuss what has been achieved in the different work areas, where there are problems and what is still to be done. As the conference gets closer, more time will have to be invested by each individual. During the conference itself, the team will be on duty almost 24/7. From setting up in the morning and coordinating the lunch break, to taking care of the evening program, which often goes into the morning hours – sleep becomes a minor matter. Depending on your position and time, the IsarMUN will be a full-time job.

LineUpr: What makes the IsarMUN so special?

Anna-Sophie: The IsarMUN is one of Germany’s largest Model United Nations conferences. In addition to having the beautiful Munich as a location, we are particularly renowned for our internationality. Our more than 250 participants were made up of 51 different nationalities last year. Hardly any other MUN conference in Germany is that international.

Furthermore, we attach great importance to organizing exciting offers for everyone, from MUN-Newbies to the old hands. Thus, in addition to several beginner and refresher workshops, we also have an entry-level program for committee chairmen and, for the first time last year, we had an academic specialization program.

LineUpr is so intuitive to use that not so many tips are needed.

LineUpr: You used LineUpr for the first time. What was the decisive argument for you to use an event app?

Anna-Sophie: First and foremost is the comfort for the participants. With LineUpr, our “delegates” always have all the important information, whether it’s directions, room information or timelines, on hand and do not depend on a printed version that can be easily misplaced or forgotten. Also, with LineUpr short-term changes always reach our participants swiftly and without any deviations.

LineUpr: How did you use the app before, during and after the IsarMUN?

Anna-Sophie: We mainly used the app to share the schedule and the allocated rooms/location information with our participants. Additional information such as the dress code for the respective agenda item could also be integrated practically. For future conferences, we would like to make the IsarMUN app even more interactive, allowing us to share not only the schedule, but also documents created during the conference, and to generate participant surveys.

We received consistently positive feedback. In particular, our final feedback reflected the enthusiasm of the participants.

LineUpr: How did your visitors react to the app?

Anna-Sophie: We received consistently positive feedback. In particular, our final feedback reflected the enthusiasm of the participants. So, when asked what was especially useful, LineUpr was mentioned again and again and the Multiple Choice question designated for LineUpr showed that all participants regarded LineUpr as a valuable addition to the conference.

LineUpr: Why should other MUN conferences use an event app?

Anna-Sophie: First and foremost, the comfort for the participants, as well as the simplification of the communication and the resulting increase in the professionalism of the entire conference are of paramount importance. Also, LineUpr can serve as a valuable tool for a greener conference and significantly reduce paper usage. Of course, depending on usage, this also means valuable savings on printing costs.

LineUpr: Which top tips for the use of LineUpr would you like to give to other organizers?

Anna-Sophie: LineUpr is so intuitive to use that not so many tips are needed. But what we definitely want to recommend is to invest enough time in the preparation of the app on the one hand, and on the other to assign a person responsible for the app during the event to fully exploit all of the great possibilities.

LineUpr: Thank you Anna-Sophie, for the great interview. We are always happy to support Model United Nations conferences with a LineUpr Event App. More interesting information can be found on IsarMun.org. They are also worth a visit on Facebook and Instagram.

We are already looking forward to the conference this year.