Event Apps for Welcome Days- Experience of the Student Council 16 of the University of Kassel

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Since the beginning of LineUpr we have supported student organizations with event apps. As a beta tester, they played a key role in the further development of LineUpr. A popular field of application for our event apps are the so-called welcome days of newly enrolled students. These events are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to start your studies.

Today is the day we finally publish an interview with such a student organization on the blog. We have Dario Klapp from the Student Council FB16 of the University of Kassel. He tells you more about exactly what such welcome days are and what typical tasks a student council has. Of course, it is also about the use of an event app and how other student councils, in general, can benefit from event apps. Have fun while reading. ?

LineUpr: Hello Dario. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Please introduce yourself and the Student Council 16. What are your tasks?

Dario: Hello. I am happy to take time for your questions.

Something short about me: My name is Dario, I am 23 years old and I study computer science at the University of Kassel. Since the first semester, I have been a member of the Student Council for Computer Science and E-Technology. The FSR is often merely referred to as the student council and is committed to the interests of students of the faculty. We mediate problems with professors, answer questions about studying and can draw on a wealth of experience.

LineUpr: Every year you do the welcome days. What is this about? What is the goal of these three days?

Dario: The welcome days are part of the O week (orientation week) and should help the freshmen find their way around the campus. In the three days, we try to explain to the newcomers how studying actually works and what the curriculum and examination regulations are.

We also value team building and networking. Especially at the beginning of the study, it is important not to miss this connection. In the welcome days, contact to other students are made and you get to know each other. We as a student council create the necessary framework with a pub crawl & Co.

The big disadvantage of such a booklet on paper is that a freshman rarely has this for more than a day.

LineUpr: Why did you decide to use an event app for the welcome days?

Dario: Each year, the department publishes a freshman booklet that bundles the key information for undergraduate students. This booklet is essentially an approximately 20-page DIN A4 booklet, which includes, among other things, the schedule of the welcome days. The big disadvantage of such a booklet on paper is that a freshman rarely has this for more than a day. With your app, everyone could access the programme and the essential data. With the help of posts, we can also share relevant information with the students afterward.

LineUpr: How did you share the event app among the students?

Dario: We printed a reference together with a QR code in this year’s paper booklet. We also referred to the event app during the welcome presentation on the first day as well as during the tutor talks. Of course, there was also a post on Facebook.

This year we also had an FAQ section for the first time in the app.

LineUpr: For what information did you use the app? How did you use the app before, during and after the introduction days?

Dario: I added the programme for the introduction days to the app. In addition to the room numbers and times, I also included our partners with their contact information in the line-up. This year we had an FAQ section for the first time in the app through which we answered recurring questions.

After the welcome days, we used the app for two surveys with free text fields. So we received feedback, which flows into the planning for the next time.

LineUpr: How did your students react to the app?

Dario: The feedback was consistently positive. We also presented the app in the university-wide student councils conference. Some student councils were so enthusiastic that they announced that they would like to use an event app from you next year as well.

LineUpr: Great. Thank you for this support. Generally speaking, can other student councils also benefit from using an event app for their welcome days? If yes, how?

Dario: Absolutely. We were mainly aided by the feedback and survey function. Also, the ability to create posts is excellent. Other student councils also know the problem of not being able to receive feedback. Since we have over 200 beginners every semester, an electronic evaluation is more than useful.

LineUpr: Is there a unique story from your last introduction days that you would like to share with us?

Dario: Maybe not from this year, but two or three years ago, there was something special: The pub crawl of a friendly student council was classified as an unannounced demonstration and disbanded by the police.

Other student councils know the problem of not being able to receive feedback.

LineUpr: Oh. That’s an unpleasant surprise. Which top three tips would you like to give other organizers for the use of LineUpr?

Dario: If you’re designing an event app in the university area, then these would be my three tips: 1. Use the corporate design of your university for the color scheme. This makes the app look very official. 2. Start the places and the line-up. Then you can link them directly when creating the programme. 3. Print flyers with the QR code to the app.

LineUpr: Thank you, Dario, for the great interview. Although we already work with many FSRs, you are the first to be featured on our blog. We are delighted that the LineUpr app also brings a lot of added value to this particular case. By the way, more information about Dario’s student council can be found on Facebook.

We are looking forward to 2019 and to supporting you again at the welcome days.