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How does framing affect the reception of information by the receiver? How is this technique used to deliberately convince people of certain opinions? These essential questions of 2019 were discussed at the PPE Conference. At this conference, scientists and young researchers in the fields of philosophy, politics, and economics exchange ideas and network.

A co-organiser of the PPE Conference is Richard Ulrich. In 2019, he used a LineUpr app for the first time. In this interview, he talks about the added value of an event app and how he specifically introduced it to the conference to result in the great usage rates. Quick spoiler- Let your moderators playfully demonstrate the app. Have fun while reading. ?

LineUpr: Hello Richard. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Please introduce yourself.

Richard: Gladly! My name is Richard, I am 22 years old and I study philosophy, politics, and economics in the fourth semester at the University of Witten / Herdecke. My university environment is shaped by many charitable initiatives to which I am passionately committed.

LineUpr: You are the co-organizer of the International Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Conference 2019. Please tell us more about this event. Which target group are you addressing here?

Richard: The “International PPE Conference” is an annual academic event for about 100 international junior researchers in philosophy, politics, and economics. Organized by students for students, the conference provides space for research presentation and critical appraisal feedback from peers. The young researchers are accompanied by excellent scientists who ensure a high level through their lectures.

This year, we approached the topic of framing from a transdisciplinary perspective.

LineUpr: What strategies and tools do you use to address this target group? Do you attach particular importance to something special?

Richard: Much of the marketing is done through social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn. In some cases, we also place targeted advertisements to address suitable prospects. However, the factor of “word of mouth” is still the most important communication medium for us.

LineUpr: Do you also use printed products to market the event or to distribute information on-site? If so, which and why?

Richard: Hardly, because our target group are mostly digital natives, who we would reach rather poorly through printed products. The most were a few posters that we hung at various universities in the Ruhr area.

The app creation was completely self-explanatory and was surprisingly fast, even by hand. The backend is really great.

LineUpr: Let’s get back to LineUpr. How long before the event did you start creating the event app? How much time did you invest in the app?

Richard: The concrete preparation with LineUpr started three weeks before the conference. The app creation was completely self-explanatory and was surprisingly fast, even by hand. The backend is really great – in functionality and simplicity.

LineUpr: How much in advance did you publish the app?

Richard: We released the app four days before the event without communicating it in advance. Only a Facebook post pointed out that we will forgo a printed program in favor of the app for reasons of better updatability and sustainability.

In the Post Conference Evaluation, the app was rated with an average of 8 out of 10 possible points

LineUpr: When and how did you inform the event participants about the event app?

Richard: Three days before the conference, we distributed the event app link via email and Facebook. At the conference itself, there were billboards with a QR code and a link to the app. At the beginning of the event, we also showed a short app demonstration.

LineUpr: How did your visitors react to the app?

Richard: Very positively throughout. In the Post Conference Evaluation, the app was rated with an average of 8 out of 10 possible points. In particular, the possibility of short-term updates, the participants appreciated being able to stay up to date.

LineUpr: Which top three tips would you like to give other organizers when using LineUpr?

Richard: 1. The app can be significantly upgraded by freely available icons: a feast for the eyes!

2. Use the section for posts/news! This avoids frequent inquiries and simplifies the course of the event.

3. A short presentation of the app once again at the start of the event on the big screen increases the incentive to use the app.

LineUpr: Thank you, Richard, for the great interview. That sounds like a very interesting conference. Some organizers can undoubtedly learn something from your handling of the app. The presentation of the app at the beginning of the conference is often crucial to reduce the initial contact fears.

More pictures of the PPE Conference are available on Instagram and Facebook. Have a look. And everyone who wants to be there next year should visit their website.

We are already looking forward to the conference next year.

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