LineUpr in Action at Zühlke Engineering – An Interview with Romano Roth

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When you ask employees in start-ups what the most significant difference to large corporations is, the processing speed and the decision-making processes are usually mentioned. While young companies are mostly on the move like speed boats, large corporations can be described as the tankers on the world’s oceans. But both have in common that they want to have a fast time to market. Zühlke supports all companies from start-up to large corporation in realizing their vision – from the idea to the market success, and this is where our interview partner comes in.

Romano Roth is a Distinguished Consultant at Zühlke Engineering and he supports his customers in turning their vision into reality. Romano rightly calls himself a DevOps enthusiast. He wants to break up old processes and make them usable for agile teams. This also applies to Zühlke’s events. That is why Romano does not use paper for this, but only digital channels. One of them is our event app. In this interview, Romano tells us why they use LineUpr, what he still misses from our solution, and how the participants used the app. Have fun while reading. 😊


LineUpr: Hello Romano. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Please introduce yourself and the Zühlke Engineering.

Romano: My name is Romano Roth and I’m a Distinguished Consultant at Zühlke. I’m a DevOps enthusiast. My passion is helping companies bringing people, processes and technology together so that they can deliver continuously value to their customers.

Zühlke supports companies in realizing their vision – from the idea to the market success. Our promise: As a strong solution partner, we contribute our many years of experience and cross-sector expertise and take responsibility for the success of the project. With over 1.000 employees we are present with local teams in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong, Austria, Serbia and Bulgaria.

LineUpr: You used an event app from LineUpr for your Client Technology Days. Please tell us more about this event.

Romano: Both the Zühlke DevOps Days and Client Technology Days are internal conferences from Zühlke employees and for Zühlke employees. The main target of these conferences is to share our knowledge across the company and the different locations. Each conference was a two-day conference with 100 participants each. On the first day we had a day filled with 21 session in 3 parallel tracks. On the second day we had 2 parallel full-day workshops.

LineUpr: Do you also use printed products to market the event or to distribute information on-site? If so, which and why?

Romano: No. In this case we focused on digital channels.

LineUpr: What added value does an event app offer you?

Romano: With LineUpr we are able to easily create a schedule for these two events.

LineUpr is easy to use as administrator and as a user.

LineUpr: Did you present your speakers with individual profiles in the event app?

Romano: Yes. Every presenter had a picture and a short biography.

LineUpr: How do you rate the creation of the event app with LineUpr? What did you like and what can we improve?

Romano: LineUpr is easy to use as administrator and as a user. But there is also some room for improvements. For example: Multiple user / administration accounts, Change email of administrator, Speakers should be able to create surveys, QR code for surveys, Speakers should see their feedback or better exports, Session schedule grouped by rooms, Better UI for creating the schedule so that we can see the overlaps, Email to speaker, Support of a view for desktops and integrated statistics of the app usage.

The visitors liked the app.

LineUpr: Wow, that is quite a list. Did you point out the (use of the) event app during the event?

Romano: No. We informed our attendees before the event about the app.


LineUpr: Did you also use the survey features?

Romano: In one of the sessions we asked if the audience has already used web components in a project. After the event we used the survey for rating the event and state what was good and what can be improved.

LineUpr: How did your visitors react to the app?

Romano: The visitors liked the app. They missed a desktop version and a view which was grouped by rooms.

LineUpr: The event is now over. Would you use the app the same way at the next event to communicate with your participants, or would you change something?

Romano: Yes definitely. This year we will combine the DevOps Days and the Client Technology Days into one big conference: The Zühlke Technology Days. It is already decided that we will use LineUpr for the event schedule.

LineUpr: Thank you for the great interview Romano. I think it’s great that you have set the events exclusively on digital channels. Unfortunately, I still see too often that even for small events pointless paper is used for the agenda, etc. However, participants want to have the information on their smartphones or in their email accounts.

Keyword digital. Of course, Zühlke Engineering is also on the move in the online world. A visit is always worthwhile.

We are already looking forward to the next events with you.

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