Month: March 2020

Success Stories

Event App of the Momentum Paris Conference from DocuSign – An Interview with Yasmine Jaffart

In this success story we speak to Yasmine Jaffart from DocuSign France. Here she tells us how she used LineUpr for the Momentum Paris Conference.

How to

Event-Livestreaming – The 5 Top Providers 2020

Livestreaming offers broadcasters gigantic opportunities to increase their own reach and to tap additional monetization potential. We introduce you to the 5 top providers.

Success Stories

More Sustainability at Events with an Event App– An Interview with Cynthia Martin from the James Madison Univ.

Today we speak to Cynthia Martin, program director of the Feminist and Rhetoric Conference. We will talk about having more sustainable events with an event app.

Success Stories

LineUpr in Action at the Repanet Suisse’s Annual Conference – Interview with Patrizia Santarsiero

In this success story we are talk with Patrizia Santarsiero from André Koch AG. She tells you how she used LineUpr for her annual meeting.

Success Stories

LineUpr in Action – Colourful and Well-Filled Just like the BRN

To fill a complete app with hundreds of program points, then to customize it and do it all in unbelievably little time. Karl and Christian tell us about their journey creating the BRN app.

Success Stories

Event Apps for Industry Days – Interview with Nicole Skoberla from VOLLMER WERKE

In this success story, we talk to Nicole Skoberla from VOLLMER WERKE. She will tell you about her experiences with LineUpr at the VDays.

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