Month: October 2018

Success Stories

Event Apps for Food Festivals – How “Castrop Kocht Über” Benefits from This

Peter Berg from “Castrop Kocht Über” tells us how he learned about LineUpr and how food festivals can benefit from an event app.

How to

14 Top Event Awards from Around the World

We researched the 14 most important and well-known award events in the event industry from around the world. Apply now!

Success Stories

Event Apps for the Study Information Day – The TU Kaiserslautern

How does the TU Kaiserslautern use an event app to present their open day? Mrs. Väth from the university’s communication department tells us.


Feedback Function – How to Quickly and Easily Gain Feedback About Speakers and Programme Items via the App

In this tutorial, we will show you how your participants can quickly and easily provide feedback on individual speakers and programme items.

Success Stories

Event Apps for MUN Conferences – The AUCMUN

Tijana (AUCMUN) shows us how they were able to optimize their conference processes with an event app and why every MUN conference can benefit from an event app.

How to

Here’s How We Stay Informed About the Most Important Event News – the 25 Best Event Blogs

These are our Top 25 Event Blogs, where we are informed each week about the most important topics in the event world.

Success Stories

Event Apps for Annual Meetings – Experiences of the Career Service Network Germany

Rouven Sperling from the Career Service Network Germany tells us about his event app experiences and why he chose LineUpr. He also shows us how digitalization can positively transform your event.

Success Stories

Mission Impossible: Event App successfully implemented despite many hurdles

This is the summary of our case study for the first event app of the Strategy Workshop. Do you want to know how the colleagues there made their first app a success? Then check out the entire study!

Success Stories

Event Apps for Congresses – Example World Congress for Schools Abroad

Jochen from the Federal Office of Administration will tell you how he used an event app for the World Congress of Schools Abroad.

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