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The event industry is extremely fast-paced. New event trends are continually being created or new event technologies are being developed. Keeping track of this rapid development is extremely difficult and only possible with a shortcut. Someone has to filter out the relevant stories from this jungle of news for us. Event blogs are made for this.

At LineUpr, we’ve put together a selection of 25 blogs that keep us up to date every week on crucial trends, so we are always well informed without spending hours browsing the internet. We thought maybe you are similar and you can also benefit from our selection as much as we do.

Event Manager Blog

The EventMB is our No. 1 point of contact for news and new technologies in the event industry. Also, the white papers like “Event Tech Bible” or “Event Tech Trends” are a must-read for us. Those who prefer liquid images and fewer blog texts will regularly be provided with videos on current topics. With 4 articles per week, the selection is very diverse and we always find at least one gold nugget for us.


BizBash is probably the most important hub for ideas and new trends in North America. Here you will find everything about events and locations. In addition, BizBash also offers a podcast. This is ideal for those who like to consume event news through listening. We took the trouble and counted the gigantic number of contributions. On average, 13 articles per week are published here. There you always have something good to read.

Event Marketer

At the Event Marketer Blog, we are informed about the most significant trends and case studies in marketing from and at events. They regularly publish the best practice examples from different types of events. There are about 6 new articles per week.


Bizzabo, like LineUpr, is a tool to create event apps. Although we are competitors, we want to praise Bizzabo for their blog and topics. Here we always find inspiration for our articles and possible new developments for the organization and realization of events. On average, there are 2 articles per week here, as is also with LineUpr.

The Social Tables Blog

When talking to other colleagues and companies, very few people know this blog even though it is very popular in the US. The focus here is on event planning and tips around hospitality. For us, this is an excellent source of inspiration for new article ideas. With 2 articles per week, you can fly through these very quickly.


Eventbrite offers a very wide range of different event themes. Especially when we want to be informed about new trends in participant registration and participant management in general, this is our first point of contact. With 3 posts per day, a lot of useful content is created for us.

Event Industry News

For years, the contact point for all event professionals. The amount of content is overwhelming and more than skimming the articles doesn’t make sense for us. Every week, more than 30 posts are published here. In addition to articles, there are also webinars and podcasts. If there is an exciting trend, then you will find it here.

Smart Meetings

The name says it already. Here all news and contents about meetings are the central focus. As LineUpr also focuses on small events and meetings, this blog is essential to us. It gives us a sense of the problems and opportunities of small events. There are probably more than 10 posts per week here.

Hello Endless

Actually, Hello Endless is a production and audio-video company that provides you with the latest event technology. Through their daily work, they have gained a good understanding of the problems of their customers and therefore publish about 3 articles each week on current technology trends or the optimal use of these technologies at events.

The Meeting Pool

There is one article per week here. The focus is on technical topics such as social media or apps. You can also search for technological solutions for your events. Meeting Pool offers a large database and an “Event Tech Decision Engine”.

MPI Blog

Meetings Professionals International (MPI) is one of the largest organizer associations in the world. In total, there are more than 17,000 active members. The blog regularly informs the MPI about current trends, ideas, and news in the event industry. There is at least one new post practically every day.


Techsytalk sees itself as a community of event innovators. Here you will find at least one researched content article every month. Also, there is always the latest news and a podcast that brings the most recent developments directly to your ears.

Velvet Chainsaw

Behind this blog is Jeff Hurt- an event veteran. He does not focus on pretty pictures, but instead on strategies and guides on how to make your event a success. Even though his tips are sometimes unconventional, they are very successful. There is a new article by Jeff every week. Definitely worth reading.


Instead of blog articles, there are videos and small clips here. A real change and also much easier to consume. There are 2 pieces per week. The focus is on event organizers. The title already describes it.

Conferences That Works

Adrian Segar leads this blog. He is one of the most famous faces in the event cosmos. The blog does not impress us with the latest designs, but the content is always top. There is usually one post per week.


Another one-man show. Event expert Keith Johnson manages PlannerWire. There is at least one article per week about event planning, marketing or technology. And always written very simply.

The MICE Blog

This blog is all about the European MICE industry. It’s about locations, gastronomy and also participant entertainment. Irina Trofimovskaya leads it. She shares her own experiences with you in one article every month.

Gallus Events Blog

Gallus Events is a consulting agency for social media, marketing and everything else related to events. In their blog, they always focus on fascinating special topics with real added value for the reader. There is about one contribution per week.

Event Magazine

If you want to follow the best bloggers in the event industry, then you cannot avoid Event Magazine. They call themselves the leading brand in the UK event industry. Here you will find lots of news and tips for organizers.

PCMA Convene

The Professional Convention Management Association releases convene Magazine. And the blog is also excellent. You will find many topics here surrounding events. With more than 10 posts per week, you will not be bored.


Another blog from one of our competitors. Aventri, formerly etouches, brings about 3 new posts every week about events in general, marketing and technologies. For us a good source of inspiration about what is currently popular.


With nearly 10 posts a week, MeetingsNet produces a large basket of interesting stories. From news about the event industry to ideas and concepts for better events and, of course, marketing tricks,  every week we find at least one topic that changes our point of view.


Sli.Do also offers a very informative blog. If you do not know Sli.Do, this is a tool for conducting surveys and live polls at events. Each week you are provided with a contribution for event optimization.


Every event professional is familiar with CVent. They offer event management software for big events. And that’s what their blog is about. The focus here is less on the problems of smaller organizers or usual tricks and more on the big events and ideas. Nevertheless, a great source of inspiration for us. Every day there are new posts.


Evvnt is one of the fastest growing event companies. They are involved in promoting events and this is what their blog is about. You can look forward to about 3 posts per week. Evvnt will let you in on tricks for optimal marketing of events and always has practical tips ready.

What You Should Have Learned

These are the 25 blogs that we use to find out every week about the latest trends and new ideas in the event industry. Maybe one or the other is also interesting for you. For us, it’s great to have this amount of information in the event world pre-filtered by these blogs, so we can focus on our day-to-day business and help you as an event organizer.

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