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Success Stories

Event Apps for Information Events – Example: Bachelor Theses Day at the ZHAW

Philipp and Nina from the Health Department of the ZHAW explain how an event app can optimize the organization and course of the day of the bachelor thesis.

Success Stories

Event Apps for Theatre Events- Experiences of the Platform shift+

In this article, Dirk Neldner from Platform shift+ shows us how he consistently accompanies the digitalization of theatre events with an event app for the communication of guests.

Success Stories

Event Apps for Food Festivals – How “Castrop Kocht Über” Benefits from This

Peter Berg from “Castrop Kocht Über” tells us how he learned about LineUpr and how food festivals can benefit from an event app.

Success Stories

Event Apps for Annual Meetings – Experiences of the Career Service Network Germany

Rouven Sperling from the Career Service Network Germany tells us about his event app experiences and why he chose LineUpr. He also shows us how digitalization can positively transform your event.

Success Stories

Event Apps for Trade Fairs – The Visitors of the Pferd & Jagd Fair are Convinced

In 2018, for the first time, the Pferd & Jagd fair used an event app as a digital communication channel. The attendees were enthusiastic and the printed programme booklets weren’t even used. Florian Eiben will tell you why.

Success Stories

More Efficient Communication Between the Organizer and Participants Thanks to an Event App

Monica Tranchych from Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg shows us how they optimized the event processes and the participant communication with an event app, and how the participants reacted to it.

Success Stories

Digital Event App for the Digitalmediacamp – The Media Lab Bavaria

Christian Simon from the Media Lab Bavaria tells you how and why he used an event app for the digitalmediacamp. As a bonus, there are three tips on how to deal with event apps.

Success Stories

Scientific Conferences and Event Apps – A Perfect Fit for GeNeMe (TU Dresden)

Scientific conferences and event apps. How do they fit together? Nicole Filz from TU Dresden shows us how she benefited from an event app in the preparation and implementation of GeNeMe.

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