How to

Push Notifications or In-App Notifications – With Which one can You Reach Your Guests More Successfully

Are all push notifications really read? Are they better than in-app messages? Our experience shows that in-app messages are better than their reputation says and are more successful in the long term than the push alternative.

How to

The 4 Stages for Successful Event App Marketing

The use of an event app is crucial to its success. But the participants must first know about the app. Using this concept for the marketing of event apps, you can create the ideal conditions for success.


How do I Integrate Documents into my Event App?

Do you have PDFs and other files that you would like to display in your event app? Here we show you how to do this!


LineUpr Tutorial – 6 Steps to Maximize Survey Participation

Participation in surveys at events is often less than 10%. Here, we'll show you 6 strategies to maximize this rate and excite your participants.

Success Stories

Event Apps for Conferences – Interview with Judith Moser of SPEDLOGSWISS

Judith Moser from SPEDLOGSWISS explains how she used an event app for the Custom Compliance Day and why a paper alternative is essential.


Link Content Within the App with Just a Few Clicks

In this tutorial we will explain step by step and with examples how you can link all your content in LineUpr with each other.


LineUpr Tutorial – How to Duplicate Event Apps

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to quickly and easily duplicate your existing LineUpr event apps.

Success Stories

LineUpr at the Functional Training Summit – Gregor Karmann’s Experiences

In this success story we speak to Gregor Karmann of Perform Better Europe about his experiences with LineUpr at the Functional Training Summit.

Success Stories

LineUpr in Action – The World Marrow Donor Association Anniversary Conference

In this success story, we speak to Martine Schuit from the WMDA. She will tell you about her experiences with LineUpr at the WMDA conference.

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