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Exercising is important. Not only our bodies, but also our spirits can be strengthened by it. Anyone who moves regularly knows what I’m talking about. But what kind of sport should you do? Countless people are confronted with this question. Team sports or individual sports? Maybe cardio instead of strength training? In each area, there are again many subcategories. Currently, a very popular style is functional training. This includes complex movements from different sport types with relatively few and small equipments.

Because people always live out this type of sports enthusiastically, there are now some events associated with it. One of them is the Functional Training Summit in Munich. It is co-organized by Gregor Karmann. He is the head of Marketing at Perform Better Europe. In this interview, Gregor tells us more about the Summit, how he used the app and how the participants reacted. Have fun while reading. 😊

LineUpr: Hello Gregor. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Please introduce yourself and Perform Better Europe.

Gregor: My name is Gregor Karmann and I am currently the head of Marketing at Perform Better Europe.

We are the leading functional training experts in Europe. From the fascia roll to the finished Functional Fitness Studio, we are the competent partner. In addition to our products and studio equipment, we provide seminars and training programs for trainers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

LineUpr: You used an event app from LineUpr for the Functional Training Summit 2019. Please tell us more about this event.

Gregor: Once a year we organize the Functional Training Summit in Munich. More than 800 coaches from all over the world come together to learn with and from the leading experts in the functional training world.

We used an event app from LineUpr for the second time to give our customers an easy and quick overview of all questions about the event.

LineUpr: What strategies and tools did you use to address this target group? Do you attach particular importance to something special?

Gregor: We use a good marketing mix consisting of performance campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Google), our internal channels (newsletter, social media, mail order) as well as co-operating with suitable partners and increasingly also influencer marketing.

LineUpr: Do you also use printed products to market the event or distribute information on-site? If so, which and why?

Gregor: Yes. During the event, we are increasingly using printed products for training programs and seminars.

The creation is child’s play.

LineUpr: Did you present your speakers with individual profiles in the event app?

Gregor: Yes, there was a shortlist of the Vita of the individual speakers and what their main expertise is.

LineUpr: Did you also present your sponsors and partners with their own profiles?

Gregor: Exactly. We presented them in profiles and included links to external resources in the app.

The participants were able to find their way around easily and were able to create their own plans with the app.

LineUpr: How would you rate the creation of the event app with LineUpr? What do you like and what can we improve?

Gregor: The creation is child’s play. I like everything and I have nothing to complain about.

LineUpr: How did your visitors react to the app?

Gregor: The feedback was very positive. The participants were able to find their way around easily and were able to create their own plans with the app.

LineUpr: You have already used LineUpr for two events. How has the handling/use of the event app changed over the two events?

Gregor: This development was also very positive. This year more of our participants/customers used the app than the first year.

LineUpr: Thank you, Gregor, for the great interview. Personally, I’m a big fan of functional training. And training in a group is much more fun than alone, so such an event is great.

If you want to be there next year, then have a look at this page. Here you will find all of the latest information about the next event.

We hope that it will also be with a LineUpr App again.

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