LineUpr in Action – The Tourism Day of NRW 2019 with Katharina Hogrebe

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Tourism is an important economic factor for many places. But how can a region promote tourism? Some have it easier because they are either gifted with unique natural spectacles, for example, the Niagara Falls. Others have a great attraction due to their history (e.g., the gardens of the Alhambra). But other countries also want to benefit from tourism and that does not happen by chance. If you’re going to be successful here, you have to offer something to the guests. Ideally, an all-round program or a strong focus on a specific topic or target group. This requires a good strategy.

Katharina Hogrebe knows what we are talking about. She is an assistant in the field of international marketing and events for the association Tourismus NRW e.V. This association deals with how tourism in North Rhine-Westphalia can be improved. They presented their tourism strategy to do this at the Tourism Day NRW 2019. The LineUpr app was also at the event. In this interview, Kathrin reveals in which areas a printed program is better than an event app, how the cooperation with the LineUpr support was and how the participants reacted to this first event app. Have fun with this great customer story. 😊

LineUpr: Hello, Katharina. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Please introduce yourself and the Tourism NRW e.V.

Katharina: I am Katharina and work as an assistant in the field of foreign marketing & events for Tourism NRW e.V. It is the tourist umbrella organization of North Rhine-Westphalia, which has set the goal of strengthening the tourism situation NRW.

LineUpr: You used LineUpr for the Tourism Day NRW. Please tell us more about this event.

Katharina: The Tourism Day NRW 2019 focused on the presentation of the new tourism strategy, which forms the framework for the further development of tourism in NRW. Around 300 tourism experts from all over North Rhine-Westphalia took part and were informed about the numerous topics around digitalization.

LineUpr: If you compare a printed program with an event app, what are the advantages and disadvantages of both variants?

Katharina: A printed program is definitely to be used as a source of information during the event. Here, the information is compact for the reader to view. Nevertheless, there are many arguments against this option. Not only the aspect of sustainability plays a role here, but also the compact and straightforward handling of a web app, which can be quickly accessed by using a smartphone. So we could use the app not only as a source of information, but also as an interactive tool, for example, for questions at individual lectures. 

The creation of the event app was consistently very transparent and logical.

LineUpr: Did you present your speakers with individual profiles in the event app?

Katharina: In our event app, we presented all the speakers with a short CV. The respective lecture, in which they gave a presentation, was linked here. Thus, a connection between the speakers and the corresponding rooms could be created. We found this variant to be beneficial for us.

LineUpr: How do you rate the creation of the event app with LineUpr? What do you like and what can we improve?

Katharina: The creation of the event app was consistently very transparent and logical. This allowed us to realize our wishes and ideas quickly and to build up the event app quickly. “Small hurdles” during the processing were collected and discussed directly with the LineUpr team. The cooperation was wholly satisfactory and professional!

Also, the feedback on handling and creating the app was consistently positive, so we can imagine using this format for other events.

LineUpr: When and how did you inform your participants about the event app?

Katharina: About 1.5 weeks before the event, we sent the participants an e-mail with the latest information about the event. Here we shared the link to the web app. Since we expected that the app would first be used by many participants at the event itself, we again shared the QR code and link on the day itself.

LineUpr: How did your visitors react to the app?

Katharina: All participants were open to this “new way of communicating information” and they used the app throughout the day. Also, the feedback on handling and creating the app was consistently positive, so we can imagine using this format for other events

LineUpr: What hurdles and difficulties did you experience in launching an event app for your event?

Katharina: Basically, we could not find any hurdles and difficulties with the introduction. Only afterward, it was noticeable that the integrated questionnaire was not used as often as a separate questionnaire at previous events.

LineUpr: If someone is thinking about using an event app for their event, what would you advise them? When is an app useful and what are the disadvantages of an app?

Katharina: We chose to use an event app for the first time with regard to progressive digitalization and sustainability. For this reason, we will also consider such a format at the next event. For example, here we can imagine, in addition to the app as a source of information, using a separate survey tool.

LineUpr: Thank you, Katharina, for the great interview. We always find it exciting when an established event uses an event app for the first time. How do the participants react? Which hurdles occur during the first round? These are questions that are often answered in very different ways.

If you are also interested in tourism in North Rhine-Westphalia, then there are two websites, Dein NRW and Touristiker NRW, which you should definitely visit.

We are already looking forward to the next events with you.

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